Digital Fair Displays

Multifunction LED Video Display

(chic – smart – easy)

Our LED Digital Displays are a purpose-built LED display with integrated player hardware in an elegant design for indoor advertising and digital signage in shopping malls, markets, hotels, banks, hospitals and public viewing areas. Possible uses at sports events, show events, trade fairs and conferences. The LED Digital Display combines features such as individual installation solutions, simple operation, multiple communication modes, high brightness, low power consumption and an ultra-thin housing, thus delivering high-quality image results even in unfavorable lighting conditions.

Ultra-thin and lightweight case of 40 mm and weighing less than 35 kg

Optional installation solutions: stand, hanging and wall mounting

Different working modes: In addition to single-display application, multiple displays can be creatively combined

Elegant appearance: All-round aluminum frame, fully closed frosted back cover, acrylic glass surface and individual border color

Multiple communication modes: High service efficiency via USB, WIFI, network cable and HDMI

Highly integrated hardware: integrated internal control system and power supply ensure independent communication and management without any other hardware

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More attention for your Business?

Due to the latest technology it is possible to put up to 10 displays together. Thus, the video wall have a size of about 6 meters. A display has the dimensions 195 cm x 60 cm and a thickness of only 4.5 cm!

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Digital Fair Displays

DOOH (Digital-out-of-Home) offers the opportunity to play out advertising messages to different target groups in a targeted manner, thus boosting buying impulses – especially for young people who are becoming increasingly mobile and urban. The challenge here is to make the advertising messages really targeted and tailored.

Reach is everything – especially in an increasingly fragmented and fragmented media landscape. DOOH offers scalable and flexible media solutions – like no other genre. And that’s not all: The technical infrastructure now even makes it possible to individually control individual screens and thus place personalized advertising in real time.

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Simple control

Controlled via mobile / computer / WiFi / USB connection

1. Support PC & mobile control. Easy Control of Sign by Software Wifi by Computer HD Player or LEDArt Software (Download via Apple / Android Store)

2. USB control

3. Integrated network management

LedPoster (iPoster) can be operated from an IOS / Android app. Easily change and save content on the phone and upload it in 10 seconds.

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